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What is Pool?
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About the Pool team

What is Pool?

Pool is a social media project developed by ABC Radio National. It's a place to share your creative work with the Pool community and ABC producers - upload music, photos, videos, documentaries, interviews, animations and more. It's a collaborative space where audiences become makers.

What can I do at Pool?

Create a profile
Make your own profile page so others can learn more about your interests and see what you are creating!

You can upload your own work whether it’s text, audio, image or video and download other people’s work to build upon or remix.

Search content by genre & licence, search contributors by skills, and search by tags and “tag-clouds”.

Select a licensing agreement; declare a relationship between your content and other content.

Tag your content so it makes it easier for other users to find your work and make connections.

Get in touch with the Pool team. We are open to your feedback and ideas!

Media about Pool

Media coverage of the Pool project.

You can see all items tagged Pool media here.

If you see Pool mentioned somewhere let us know.
If you would like to interview the Pool team, just drop us a line.

One example of Pool in the media recently was the
Media Report from August 21st 2008 transcript and audio.

Pool press kit

Pool press releases and graphics for use by bloggers and other media.

You can see all items tagged Pool press here.

Here is the press release on the launch of Pool.
Pool press release Aug. 21 2008

About the Pool team

Pool editorial team:

Executive producer: Sherre DeLys.

Producers: John Jacobs, Kate Gauld.
Pool interns: Timothy Dodds, Emily Naismith

Pool education consortium:
Ross Gibson, Norie Neumark, Shannon O'Neill, and Darrall Thompson from University of Technology, Sydney; Marius Foley from RMIT; Brogan Bunt and Terumi Narushima from University of Wollongong; Tom Ellard from UNSW College of Fine Arts.

Thanks also to Tim Mansfield, Ben Byrne, Ali Edwards, David Harwood, Creative Commons Australia.
And to past interns: Anna Yanatchkova, Julienne Chan, Nicolas Apave, Don Cameron, Dan McHugh, Tim Dodds & Emily Naismith

Pool web development team:
Technical lead and theme development: James Gollan
Developer: Owen Townend
HTML developers: Greg Turner, Alistair Weakley

Designer: Amber Heyward
Design leader: Lee Mullen
Information architecture: Kerry Lotzof, Meena Tharmarajah, Briony Williamson
Production manager: Peter Jackson
Usability testing coordinator: Carolyn Harris

Pool is built using Drupal, a free and open-source software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish and manage a wide variety of content. It was chosen by the Pool development team because its design philosophy has a lot in common with Pool. Drupal is a flexible, community focused way of creatively collaborating.

More about the Pool Team

Sherre DeLys, executive producer

Sherre DeLys has developed playful dialogues with some of her favourite writers and musicians to create radio art which displays an intense regard for listeners' own imaginative involvement. She has collaborated with sculptor Joan Grounds for more than a decade– their sound sculptures enter into a call-and-response with the botanical environments they inhabit.

Her work has been commissioned by national broadcasters and artist-run internet stations, and presented at major museums and cultural centres in Europe, America and Australasia. She’s enjoyed team-work as producer for The Listening Room at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and The Next Big Thing, WNYC. Sherre has also performed with improvising music groups, created sound designs for Sydney Theatre Company, hosted conversations with musicians for ABC TV, taught and published on sound art and documentary.

John Jacobs - Audience experience & Community contact

John is an ABC broadcaster, social media activist, electronic and mechanical inventor, bike rider, vegan cook, performer, promoter, composer, and enthusiastic life hacker.

He is a founding member of the Indymedia movement and also part of the team that devised and produces Radio National’s weekly remix program, The Night Air.

Kate Gauld, producer

Kate's work has been screened at the SXSW Festival, heard on Radio National's Media Report, and read in jmag, The Diplomat, The Big Issue, and the Sydney Morning Herald. Within the ABC, she's worked for the 7.30 Report, Lateline, jtv, and for TV Sport in Italy at the Paralympic Games.

She has a BA: media and communications, and will finish her law degree sometime in the next ten years. This is no indication of her interest in all things Creative Commons.

Outside the ABC, she works for The Big Issue coordinating the NSW Street Socceroos program. She won the 2007 NSW Human Rights Arts & Film Festival award for her work with homeless and disadvantaged people in Sydney. The other week she saw a t-shirt she liked: 'them = us'.

Amelia Schmidt, intern

Amelia has recently completed a Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) majoring in English, Art History and Film Studies at the University of Sydney. She is taking a year off to face her fear of the working world, and is thus far successfully avoiding facing that fear by spending her time freelancing in music and arts journalism and photography, teaching music and tutoring English. Her friends believe she works for ASIO. Her interests lie currently in contemporary writing, film, and photography. She also plays in a band. Digital media, hypertext, the endless possibilities of the internet playground and the effects of the changing technology on the arts fascinate her, and she believes that engaging with new technology is a vital part of being a truly active (and interactive) artist in the 21st century.

Bridget Spinks, intern

Bridget is in her final semester of journalism and international studies at the University of Technology, Sydney. Her dream was once to make documentaries with the BBC and present a classical music radio program and she wonders where this Pool internship will take her. Bridget appreciates the language of sound, the musicality of voice, the art of communicating and expression and the psychology of colour. In 2007, she experienced Europe while on exchange in Pamplona and is now fluent in Spanish. She has also tasted the classics, French and German and has a keen love for Herodotus. New ideas, painting with ink, collage, foreign films and music nourish her creative spirit and voice.