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Terrors in the Night

Audio: Terrors in the Night

This radio feature was put together for the City Nights project.

It's my first real attempt at a radio feature as oppose to a current affairs and more 'newsy' pieces.

The sound quality isn't as great being .mp3, but you get the idea

Just to note, the story runs for 08:20 - not the said time.



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Music is from Sydney Industrial Band, Mothball Z.

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  • Anonymous's picture

    19.04.09 — mandrillus

    Great piece! Really well

    Great piece! Really well executed -the background sounds and music really heightened the piece. I'm told I used to get night terrors but I've never realised how stressful it was for my parents. Well done! I'm a fan!

  • Anonymous's picture

    08.04.09 — meeli

    This is wonderful... I

    This is wonderful... I really agree with Gretchen in that the night is what makes this story. A child crying in the day is one thing, and in the night, another completely. Anyway, I listened to this and was impressed and really interested and entertained too. Thanks for posting this to Pool, it's great. I'm going to think about where the idea of night terrors might take me for a short story.

    Amelia (Pool intern)

  • Anonymous's picture

    07.04.09 — Gretchen Miller

    Hi Patrick, yes my boy has

    Hi Patrick,
    yes my boy has them, but only every now and then... it was very freaky to begin with, especially when he looks at me with big black eyes like I'm the monster and I can't convince him that I'm not! Then you get used to it, stop taking it personally, console them until they get sleepy again and pass out. Phew! Pass the scotch!
    it's a very sympathetic piece for a young journalist to make Patrick, I reckon. Tends to be something only parents notice or care about - which is generally as it should be of course. Tho it is an interesting phenomenon.

    Thanks for the credit of the music... only it's a tricky thing - if their music is fully copyrighted, it's still not ok to use it, even with a credit. If you get their permission sure (and being local I'm sure they'd give it, if you asked)...
    However if they licence their music CC (Creative Commons) then you'll be fine. Check out our help section on the tricky issue of licencing...



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    06.04.09 — Gretchen Miller

    Patrick, this is a terrific

    this is a terrific production. Really tight, nicely narrated, and with a good sense of timing. The sound of the children crying at the beginning was intense! You can see why they played that sound at the Waco compound to try and force them out. It's a fascinating phenomena, and I can well relate to the 'possession' idea - it's interesting how children suffering night terrors have really dilated pupils - great pools of black.
    This piece is right on theme. About an experience that in daylight you'd put down to a tantrum, at night becomes quite menacing and frightening, for both adults and children alike. You can almost imagine how in times gone by parents would fear that the child might, if not a demon themselves, conjure up one with all that tremendous fear.
    My only concern is with the music that you downloaded and don't credit .... you do need to be careful with that as copyright breach is quite a serious issue. You can get around it by finding music licenced under creative commons - and the good news is that there is more and more of it about.
    Well done,

  • Anonymous's picture

    06.04.09 — Patrick_W

    Thanks for the comment

    Thanks for the comment Gretchen - feedback is always greatly appreciated! Glad you liked the theme. I'm amazed by how prevalent Night Terrors are. To think 1 in 8 family's with a toddler will go through something like that is, well, scary.

    Also, I found the author behind the music and have update the attribution accordingly.

    Thanks again for posting a reply,