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Poolcast 2

Audio: Poolcast 2

Hi and welcome to the first podcast by ABC Pool. We’re bringing you two great audio pieces that have been shared, and then remixed online at pool.org.au.

Here’s some extracts from the original contribution - Weaving stories - three years squatting in Pyrmont by Holly Creenaune.

Now let’s hear what audio remixer and composer, Dan McHugh did with the grab of the avocado song…
Dan McHugh with Little Green Fruit, and before him, Holly Creenaune’s 'Weaving Stories: Three Years in a Pyrmont Squat.

And you can hear and see more of Dan and Holly's work, as well as what other folk have shared for download and remix, including audio, video, writing, photos - at pool.org.au … hope to see you there!




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Weaving stories - three years squatting in Pyrmont

Little Green Fruit Up in the Tree

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