Your city nights up in lights

Blog: Your city nights up in lights

Good news for photographers and video makers! The big screen at Federation Square in Melbourne will be playing selected still images and videos from the City Nights call-out in a special Pool presentation later this year.  So get out there with your favourite gadget and take some evocative images of your city at night - deadline of June 15 still applies.  

Don't forget to let us know how you'd like to be credited on the big screen - full name or Pool name. Also if you upload an image with your stories, these too could be selected. 
Meanwhile, City Nights producer Gretchen Miller has selected a few of her recent favourite text and audio uploads. There's rose's story Violet in red, Patrick W's audio feature Terrors in the night, Ice skating by Felicity Castagna and Creatures of the Night by A Gibson.  Rich and strange imaginings all round.

What are your favourite contributions so far?
Remember you've got until June 15th to contribute to the City Nights project. More info here.

Please also feel free to comment below as we always love to hear your thoughts. Remember to log-in, or join here.

Image above titled Sydney by damonlk