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Blog: Featured Contributor: Remix-it

A group of savvy music-loving media students have developed a project for you to make a song and dance about. Remix-it from RMIT are building a website to trace remixed collaborations of a song - and the project is starting in the Gene Pool.

They say: “We would LOVE for YOU to get involved by remixing the song provided - in harmony with your own tastes - and then send your version back to

The chosen song is Fast Lover by Melbourne electro-pop outfit 'Peacocks'. Remix-it have uploaded all the elements to the song: vocal track one and two, drums, bass & synthesizer. You can download the elements straight from Pool and start having a mash. Don't have the rights tools? Look here for some tips on where to find free software.

"In return for your time and energy we will then feature your unique remix on our website with your name attached - who knows, the band (or anyone in the world-wide-interweb) might like it so much they get in touch with you to use it. Many thanks and have fun getting creative!”

Join the Gene Pool group, upload your remix, and then let the Remix-it-ers know. Your work could be played on All in the Mind, The Night Air or go into the running for an exhibition at RMIT in Melbourne in November during Super Human: Revolution of the Species (Nov 22-25th 2009).

More information about the Gene Pool project here.

Please also feel free to comment below as we always love to hear your thoughts. Remember to log-in, or join here.

Image above by remix-it licenced CC-BY


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