Getting talkative at Pool

Blog: Getting talkative at Pool

A couple of weeks ago we told you about our new Pool forums and already you've been creating some some great posts and threads.

The Feedback forum is buzzing with new ideas for Pool's web development. Poolies are also generously logging details of technical problems, bugs and workarounds.  We really do love to hear what you hate :~)

The Pitch a project forum is the next most lively with lots of creative ideas flying around. Susan Dirgham has proposed a discussion on who and what is an aussie? that fits right in with a radio program a couple of our ABC  colleagues are researching right now. Thanks Susan, we think they'll be interested to check out the thread you've started.

The Opportunities forum is one to keep your eye on. It has an ad for an intern position at Digital Fringe - an exciting opening for some smart screenie.

You have to join Pool to add to the conversations in Pool  forums.

Please also feel free to comment below as we always love to hear your thoughts. Remember to log-in, or join here.

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