Lets talk.

Blog: Lets talk.

Pool has forums. We're so over the moon we've gone a little nuts setting up new threads. We'd love you to join in, and start your own threads too. There's the public feedback category where we've asked you whether we should get rid of the text editor (wysiwyg), and another so we can hear what bugs you're coming across in the new upload forms. Also Gretchen has given an update about City Nights, and has highlighted a some of her recent favourite contributions.

As usual our Pool rules will apply, and as always we'll be looking to you to help us with moderation. If you detect a spammer or think a comment has breached our guidelines, just flag the comment as offensive.

At the moment only admins can start a new category. If you'd like a new category, please get in touch.

Please also feel free to comment below as we always love to hear your thoughts. Remember to log-in, or join here.

Image Confrontation and perspective by Susan Dirgham