When is enough Lust too much?

Blog: When is enough Lust too much?

Radio National's The Spirit of Things is running a monthly series exploring all seven sins, and they invite you to contribute. The first program, starting this Sunday at 6pm, delves into Lust. For the next month, share your creative stories of Lust here in Pool. Be as lateral as you like. Join the Seven Deadly Sins group and read more about the call-out here.

A quick search of Lust in Pool comes up with an evocative poem Aurora, a 'complex and beautiful' piece of writing Ocean City, and the big sounds of Paradise Lust featured on Sound Quality last month. Plenty to spark your imagination...

Next month we'll be asking to devour your creative stories on Greed, the month after Gluttony, all the way through to Pride in December.

Your contributions can come in any form – fiction, anecdote, documentary, memoir, current affairs, soundscape, oral history, vox pops - or any other expression that best suits your ideas. You can upload as text, audio, photos or video.

As always, please stick to our community guidelines when contributing to this call-out.

Please feel free to comment on this blog post as we always love to hear your comments and thoughts. Log-in to Pool and you’ll see a comment box below this post. If you’re not a member, take a moment to join Pool first.

Deadly si(g)n by aronski licensed CC-BY-NC