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Project: City Nights

We now have a forum thread which we'll be using to point out great new City Nights uploads, handy writing tips etc.  Feel free to contribute, and to ask questions etc. You'll find it here

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Passion, despair, violence, romance, mystery, revelation - as twilight falls in the city our emotions and our imaginations are heightened.  Powerful unseen currents run through the city - your city, a distant city, an imagined city. We're swept along into the crucible, and what happens next holds our memories captive.


The City Nights project is calling for text, audio, video and stills contributions which reflect an experience of the city - any city - real or imagined - at night.

Contributions can come in any genre - fiction, anecdote, documentary, memoir, current affairs, soundscape, oral history, vox pops - or any other expression that best suits your ideas.

We'd like to hear about:  adventures with strangers, streetwalkers, philosophers, animals; about mystery, mayhem and moments of solitude; about architecture and open spaces; about experiences which have had an impact and which you'll never forget. 

The best audio/text contributions will be selected, performed and be a part of a program broadcast later in the year on ABC Radio National - with full credits. 

UPDATE:  Successful video and stills contributions and some text will be screened with full credits on the 65 foot screen at Federation Square, Melbourne.  Please note how you'd like to be credited (ie with your full name if different to your Pool name).  Please also note if you do not wish your work to be screened. Don't forget - if you're submitting text  try taking a photo to go with your words - it too could be chosen for screening.  Work may also be displayed as a feature on  Radio National Online.

TO CONTRIBUTE:  Visit Pool.org.au, join (free!) and upload your work to the site.  Don’t forget to Tag your work CITY NIGHTS so it can be easily found. View the CITY NIGHTS CONTRIBUTIONS here.  Get notification of new contributions by subscribing to the RSS feed at the bottom of the page!

Duration: Maximum length - 7 minutes, or 1000 words.  If you post more we may ask if we can edit your work to fit into the broadcast.

Contribution restriction: We've loved the enthusiasm with which Poolies have embraced City Nights. But as Pool has limited staff resources, could we ask that you restrict your City Night tagging to your 5 best (at very most 10 pieces?).  It can be hard to choose - try doing so by deciding which pieces are right on topic and which are of a more general nature...

DUE DATE:  JUNE15 2009. 
But feel free to post drafts as you go - the earlier the better!

Enquiries: email ABC Radio National features unit producer Gretchen Miller - miller.gretchen(at)abc.net.au
Photograph, Pathways above by Willreichelt - it's also featured on the RN homepage.