Country Viewpoint

Project: Country Viewpoint

Country Viewpoint is a site for anyone who lives outside our capital cities (or perhaps has a connection to rural or regional Australia) who wants to share an experience, place or idea that is close to their hearts.

Country Viewpoint has been airing on ABC Radio National's Bush Telegraph program for almost a decade, but now we are taking it online and into the greater community that is Pool.
If you'd like to express your view about anything that's happening in your backyard - be it funny, serious, topical, something you love or something that irritates you - then this is your chance to get on your soapbox. 

We have already had some fantastic pieces posted on the site this year. Want to read some of the best examples? click here

As well as written pieces, you can post photographs of yourself, your home, your surroundings - anything really. You can also record your own voice or other sounds, or post your own videos to support your written words. Creativity is encouraged.

But we are particularly looking for written pieces that are between 350 and 400 words that we can record at an ABC studio near you to be aired on our weekly
Country Viewpoint segment on ABC Radio National.

When you contribute your viewpoint be sure to select 'Country Viewpoint' from the list of projects in section two of the upload page. You can read all the Country Viewpoint contributions by clicking on the Country Viewpoint tag at the bottom of this page.

To get started on Pool, join up here and read about how to upload your work.

More instructions are in the help