Letter Vox

Project: Letter Vox

Send an audio postcard from the literary edge.

We all love to talk about books and Letter Vox is the place to talk about your favourite books (and the not so loved). 

Do an audio tour of your bookshelf, take a photo of where you like to read, reflect on the role of books in your life. Create audio, images, video and music about reading. Record it onto your camera, mobile phone, mp3 player or digital recorder.

For your bookshelf tour, tell the rest of us which books are sitting on your shelf waiting to be read, which ones you loved the first time but detested on the second read? Do you have a special spot for your book club books? Do you have a romantic fiction collection that keeps you awake at night? What are the beginnings you love and the endings that made you throw the book across the room or weep because you didn’t want it to finish? Are you a fussy or messy collector of books or is your bookshelf empty because you keep lending them to friends?

Make your bookshelf tour audio between 2 and 5 minutes. Post a story from the literary edge into Pool, tag it as Letter Vox, and it will be part of ABC Radio National's Book Show project.

To get started on Pool, join up here. More instructions are in the help section. Find all contributions tagged with Letter Vox here.