Song Bird

Project: Song Bird

Bird on a wire, in the hand, in the bush, bird on the wing, of the air, of a feather, of passage, of paradise, of peace...
early bird, night owl, rain bird, lyrebird, sea bird, song bird
bird of prey, bird’s eye, bird’s nest, birdsong...

The landscape is alive with song. The sky seems to be breathing, moving with wind and wings. What do birds mean to us, what does birdsong suggest?

You’ll find here a selection of bird-y images and recordings, free, to get you started. Download them, record some more and:

Make a sound montage
Or a musical piece
Write a poetic text
An animation or a photocollage

create a story

Devise a language

Compose an avian music


Don’t forget to tag your project 'Song Bird', so we can find your work easily. Find all Pool contributions tagged with Song bird. The best postings will be highlighted on the Pool homepage, may be broadcast in Airplay on ABC Radio National - or included in other ABC programs.

PROJECT UPDATE: We've just added by way of an example, the lyre bird 'sting' we use on Airplay. A sting is a mini sound piece used like a theme to introduce and end the program. It can be any duration from 20" to about 50" and is usually a tight little mix of sounds which may include music and voice. We'd love you to make your own sting for us to use in Airplay.