The Night Share

Project: The Night Share

Get your sounds in the Night Air mix

If you'd like to make something for the radio but journalism or song-writing aren't your thing, you might enjoy mashing up some words and sounds to tell a new story.

Build a conversation out of two separate interviews.
Use sounds instead of some of the words in a sentence.
Tell half a story and the listener's imagination will tell the rest.

Share your word-and-sound collage in Pool via the audio upload page here.

The Night Air on ABC Radio National is a weekly remix show that will broadcast the most creative contributions to this Pool project.

If you want to use other people's words and sounds in your collage make sure that the creators have allowed this re-use. One way to ensure this is to choose material licensed by Creative Commons, under a 'non-commercial, by attribution' licence.

You can find this kind of audio material in Pool by searching here. Choose Creative Commons BY or BY NC in the licence selector.

More information about Creative Commons here.

Another good place to find remixable sounds is freesound.org.

See all Pool contributions tagged The Night Share here.

Wave copter collage used to illustrate this project is from Diane Hamilton's flikr photostream Available for download and non commercial remixing by attribution under a Creative Commons licence.