How do I join Pool?

last updated: 13.11.08


Click the “Inspired? Upload” button on the Pool homepage. This is where you will find the “register” button. This button will take to you the basic registration form which you need to fill in.


After you have sent in your registration form you will be sent an email with your login name and password, you can follow the link in the email and use the login and password to enter the site.

Edit profile

Click ‘edit’ to put more details in your user profile - as well as change your password to something more memorable.

You can upload a picture, give a few details about yourself, and choose a default licence for the work you’ll be uploading in the future.

This licence can be altered if need be, whenever you upload a specific file.

Go for it!

You are now ready to begin uploading, downloading and remixing!

Please ensure you read the Conditions of Use as there is important licensing and broadcasting permissions information in there.

Also, check out the Pool Rules to guide your use of the site.

There are also help sheets available on uploading your work.