What can I add to Pool?

last updated: 10.01.09

Original work

Try uploading videos, pictures, sound files and texts that you’ve created, and things you’d like others to think about too.

Remixed work

Does another person's work tickle your fancy? Why not try adding to it or remixing it. Here are some helpful hints and guidelines on remixing.


If you've got some sounds or visuals that don’t yet tell a whole story, think about adding them to Pool as raw materials for someone else. It could be the start of a great collaboration.


If you've written a story but haven't figured out the ending, you could add it to Pool and see what others come up with.

New formats

If you’ve taken some interesting photos, try and curate a few as part of a photo essay. Think about adding some words too.

Make it count!

Most of all choose the best of what you have to share and tag it well so it can find the audience who will appreciate it.