What is RSS and how can I use it?

last updated: 19.01.09

Subscribing is an easy way to keep up with the best of Pool without having to visit the website.

The is a good short video introducing the RSS idea here. By subscribing to the Pool RSS feed, you'll get updates as the editorial team posts to the Pool blog or new contributions come in with tags that interest you.

A Google search for 'RSS reader' will return many free, downloadable software options that you can install on your PC.

However, if you move around to different computers during the day, you may prefer an online news service. These work much like an online email account, allowing you to log in from any PC connected to the Internet. Examples of such services include MyYahoo and Bloglines.

How do I subscribe to the Pool blog RSS feed?

Your newsreader or online service will have a button that says something like 'Add RSS feed' or 'Add Content'. To add a subscription to the Pool blog, copy and paste the following web address into your feed reader:


From here, finalising your subscription will depend on the service you use, but you'll now have Pool blog posts with links to information and featured items delivered straight to you as it is submitted to the site.

If you clicked on the RSS link and can only see a page of letters and numbers there is no feed reader installed on your machine or login yet, try that Google search again and download and install a feed reader.

How do I find RSS feeds for the Pool tags?

For instance, you're involved with Pool's Letter Vox project and you'd like to know when new contributions are added to it. Go to the Explore menu, choose Tags from the list on the left of the screen. Click on Letter Vox (or any other term that strikes your fancy). You'll now see a display of all Pool contributions that have been tagged Letter Vox. Scroll to the bottom of the page, see that orange square icon to the right?
That's the RSS feed for this tag.