Where can I get free software?

last updated: 17.07.08

Software is an all-important tool for digital creativity, and quite often it can be very expensive. But there are many excellent free and open source alternatives.

Downloadpedia.org is a good place to find video editing, photo manipulation and audio tools as well as text publishers, web browsers and other general utilities.

If you want but can't afford a particular program, have a look for it in this listing of free alternatives:


If you can't see what you want there, you could try browsing by operating system.
Windows: downloadpedia.org/Open_Source_Windows
Mac: downloadpedia.org/Open_Source_Mac
Linux: downloadpedia.org/Linux_Software

Another good roundup is here: http://whdb.com/2008/the-top-50-proprietary-programs-that-drive-you-craz...