Why is there the option to add someone else's work to Pool?

last updated: 17.07.08

While we encourage people to contribute their own work, we acknowledge there may be times when you might want to add someone else's work to the Pool with their permission. In that case, it's really important to discuss licensing options with them first. You wouldn't want to give away someone's rights without consulting them. You might want to hear someone remix it, but do they?

Maybe you've found something that's genuinely in the public domain and would like to share it. Please try hard to attribute it carefully, this can be tricky but well worth it. If you think it's so good then others will be grateful if you can point them towards more!

BTW Did you know that a lot of the best seeding content of Wikipedia came from the out of copyright 1911 version of Encyclopaedia Britannica?

Perhaps the creator is not on-line but has given you permission to share it for them. If that's the case, make sure that you title the piece 'Name of piece by Name of person'. An example is this video. John emailed the film maker and they were happy to have this short excerpt on Pool with a link back to their site.

The fine print stuff
Remember that when you tick the 'terms and conditions' box on upload, you're acknowledging that:

You warrant that your uploaded content does not infringe any other person’s intellectual property rights including, but not limited to, copyright and associated moral rights, and trade marks. In particular: You warrant that you are the sole copyright owner of your uploaded content and any works or other copyrighted material embedded in your uploaded content, or have received permission from all relevant copyright owners.

So Pool members are technically allowed to upload other people's stuff - it's the Pool member's responsibility to receive relevant copyright from the owner.