Known Bugs and Issues

last updated: 13.02.09

We do have some known bugs still being worked out of the Pool software set up. We're sorry they're still there , we're working on sorting them out. If you're having a problem that is not listed here, please tell us about it.

Text formatting issues

We have installed a new text format tool box at the top of text fields like 'description of work'. This is generally working well (you can easily add hyperlinks, change the font etc) but it does not like text that has been cut and pasted from Word documents, Google docs or emails. If you do want to compose your text in these programs when you're finished remove the hidden format information. You can do this by cuting and pasting it into a really simple non formatted text program like Notepad on Windows. You may have to remove any extra line breaks and carriage returns in Notepad. Also remember to take word wrap off (this is in the Format menu) as this will introduce unwanted line breaks. Then cut and paste from Notepad into the description field on Pool.

Alternatively if the text is short you could type straight into the description field.

Audio streaming cuts out

We're aware that some streamed audio tracks are cutting out before the end. This is high on our list to fix. For now, to hear the whole track just download the file.

Upload and display issues in Safari 2
Sorry about that, but Safari 3 seems to be fine, currently we can only support Safari 3. We suggest you download the free upgrade.
The exact browser version numbers that we use to test the site and can most guarantee compliance with are Firefox 3.0.1, Internet Explorer 7.0.5 and Safari 3.1.1

Some video file formats are not displaying
We think this is to do with codec combinations, at the moment we recommend you go with pretty standard configurations of .mpg, .avi (divx is OK) and .mov. Don't use h264. mpg1 will work for sure. Read more here .3gp videos from some mobile phones can be uploaded and downloaded from Pool, but not viewable on line. We predict our move to a new server will fix this soon.

Some pictures not displaying
Pictures with & ampersand and + plus character in their names will not display, please use the word and instead.