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Poolmunity Guidelines

last updated: 25.06.08

We’d like Pool to develop into an enjoyable, constructive and diverse space where everyone feels comfortable with sharing and discussing a diverse range of works and topics. We also want Pool to be inclusive and safe, and so we’ve developed some guidelines which we expect you to follow.

1. It’s about honesty, fairness, independence and respect…

The ABC has four key values: honesty, fairness, independence and respect. Try to incorporate these values into any work you contribute to Pool, and also in your interactions with other members of the Pool community. You can read more about this in the ABC Editorial Policies

…and about respecting other people’s work, views & beliefs.

When participating in the forums, commenting on others’ work, replying to comments on your own work or sending personal messages, be mindful of how your own opinions may impact upon others. Inappropriate, offensive and unlawful language should not be used in Pool. Continued breaches of any of these rules may result in the termination of your Pool membership.

2. We’ll remove any content that could put us in hot legal water

While Pool is a creative, experimental space where we encourage boundaries to be explored, two facts remain: Pool is legally responsible for what’s on the site, and you’re legally responsible for what you upload. If it’s unlawful, or in breach of our Terms and Conditions, we’ll take it down.

3. Please attribute (even when legally you don’t have to)

Pool stands out from the throng of media sharing spaces through its focus on collaboration, made possible by way of Creative Commons Licences.

If you would like to download and remix someone’s work, and then upload it to Pool, you need to acknowledge the original author. That way we can clearly see who’s collaborating with who and in what way.

Even if you’re using a work that’s from the public domain, still try and attribute. It’s a great way to keep the information freely flowing.

4. Think about how you’re using someone else’s work (regardless of what licence they’ve assigned it)

Please don’t use someone else’s work to promote political or charitable organisations or for campaigning, defamatory or derogatory use. Even if someone has assigned their work a CC-BY-NC licence, you should be sensitive as to how you use it. They must still be attributed for their work, so their name will still be appearing alongside any work you remake.

5. We’ll remove any advertisement or commercial endorsement

The ABC isn’t a space to be advertising products, commercial activities or services, and neither is Pool. So while you can to link to your personal sites, the Pool space isn’t a commercial one.

6. We’d appreciate your help

You can help us out too, by alerting moderators to any content or behaviour that breaches these rules. You can do this by clicking the 'flag as offensive' button below any contribution on the site.