Pooling ideas

Project: Pooling ideas

The Ideas Festival, Creative Commons Australia and Pool invite you to take part in a festival of collaborative innovation – and win prizes while you’re at it.

What's happening?
Digital technology has changed the way we create and share our ideas. A world of music, literature, art and video is now available at our fingertips, and it's all ours to play with, remix and manipulate. But what does this mean for our ideas of creativity and originality, yours and mine?

Over the next few weeks, we invite you to creatively interpret the theme we are what we share, and upload your creation to Pool. It's free and there are no time limits and no format requirements (though we do have recommendations). Tag your work we are what we share when you upload.

Just be creative. Mash up a film, tweak an artwork, remix a poem. It can be as simple as changing the colours in a photograph or as complex as remixing hundreds of different sounds into a single song.

The entry judged best by the panel of experts wins an internship with ABC Radio National to co-produce an episode of The Night Air.  Select entries will be showcased at the Ideas Festival and Creative Commons Australia websites, as well as here in Pool. Winners will be announced and critiqued by experts at the Ideas "We are what we share" seminar at the State Library of Queensland on Saturday 28 March at 5pm - 6.30pm.

Where do I get material to remix?
You can remix anything. But for it to be legal, you usually have to be the copyright owner, or have their permission.

This is where Creative Commons comes in. With over 160 million different images, sounds, films and written works available on websites from Flickr to CCmixter, Creative Commons is a great source of material that can be legally remixed.

A good place to start looking is the Creative Commons Search engine. Or for more information about finding and using some Creative Commons material, see our Pool Ideas info pack.

Want some inspiration?
Here are some great examples of collaborative works that are all free for remixing:

•    A Shared Culture by Jesse Dylan
•    Text: the moment of absurd transcendental mundanity by Don Cameron
•    Audio: For Gretchen by Benn DeMole
•    Snow in Cities by zeb


Entries open 2 March 2009 and close 23 March 2009.

Join Pool and get uploading (and downloading).

All entries must:
•    be copyright compliant. This means that they must incorporate only content that you have created or that has been licensed for re-use under a Creative  Commons licence. For more information on finding images, sound and video that can be used in the competition, see the Creative Commons Finding Material info sheet.
•    fully credit all material used. This includes providing the author, title, source and licence for any images, music or text you use in your work. For information on tracking and crediting material used, see our Attribution info sheet.
•    be made available for remixing. They must be uploaded to Pool under a Creative Commons licence that allows reuse (ie Creative Commons Attribution,    Attribution-NonCommercial, Attribution-ShareAlike or Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike). For more information, see our info sheet on the Creative Commons licences.
•    comply with the Pool submission requirements and be tagged we are what we share

Entries will be judged on originality, creativity and appropriateness to theme.

•    The winner gets this fabulous trophy (pictured) and an internship with ABC Radio National to co-produce a Night Air with John Jacobs
•    The top 3 entries receive a USB chock full of remixable material
•    All participants will receive a certificate of participation

For more information contact info at Creative Commons Australia or the Pool team.