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Skills and Interests

Intra-creation, back stories, improvised and abstract modes of expression, circuit bending, maritime cultural history, vegan cooking, Sun Ra, folksonomy, folk music, fragrances, epistemology, the edges of pop-culture, the lives of people, plants and animals.


Melbourne, Australia


Pool - Audience experience + Community contact

A bit about me…

I'd like to see what we can do with Pool.

Let's use this space to build languages of collaboration, engage in reflective practice and explore poetic digital story telling.

I'd like to hear from you via the contact us tab. Feedback, bug reports and new ideas always welcome.

Currently working on…

An open source choir

Interested in joining others to work on…

New ways of doing public media

People also know me as…

Subvertigo, Fold, Organarchy, SwSw ThrGht

Personal website

[ http://patchwrangler.net ]


[Gene Pool]