Kate Gauld

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Skills and Interests

Film & Video, Music & Audio, Writing, Visual Arts & Photography,

A bit about me…

Things got interesting when I ditched my bowling club job and went on exchange to Austin TX to finish my media degree. That led to working on a doco in Guatemala, which led to working at the Athens Olympics, playing around with video and bikes in Paris, picking olives in Spain, working for ABC TV in Italy, and a whole lot of pottering. I never want to forget how all that felt. Back in Sydney now, I work for Pool, and run a soccer program for homeless people. The people I meet within each of those worlds inspire me a whole lot. I'm also inspired by people who document real with integrity. I think I'm inspired by the man who told me to follow my dreams who's been working the same job for 25 years. I'm interested in moments, connections, and spaces that facilitate our many selves.

Currently working on…

Pool. Getting lost in a familiar space. Things that don't make sense. A law essay on insanity.

Interested in joining others to work on…

Collaborative story-telling through mixed media.

Personal website

[ http://www.pool.org.au ]