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Natasha Mitchell

Presenter & producer - All in the Mind - ABC Radio National

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Interactive Media, Music & Audio, Writing, Radio production, performance, events

A bit about me…

I am a science and health journalist, and the presenter/producer of a national weekly show called All in the Mind on ABC Radio National. I do oodles of other stuff, out and about in Radio National and the wider world. Writing, MCing of public forums and events etc. I *love* the Web 2.0 wilderness and interesting uncertainties of the digital past, present and future - and what it might all mean for radio. I'm in for the ride! Radio for the masses - here we come.

Currently working on…

All in the Mind on ABC Radio National,and multiple other projects and mischief.

People also know me as…

Natasha Mitchell

Personal website

[ http://www.abc.net.au/rn/allinthemind ]