Sherre DeLys

Pool executive producer, sound artist, documentary maker

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Skills and Interests

Music & Audio, Writing, sound installation,
sound sculpture,
mindfulness meditation


Sydney, Australia


Pool executive producer, sound artist, documentary maker

A bit about me…

I’m part of the Pool team, and I'm keen to collaborate with members of this community to build a social media project that's buzzing with energy and strong on community values. If you've got ideas and experience to bring to this project, let me know if I can help.

I love to collaborate. I've worked with sculptor Joan Grounds for a decade to make sound sculptures such as Gargalesis, a 6 metre 'gossiping white-ant mound' on the lawn of the MCA Sydney.

I've collaborated with some of my favourite writers, musicians and producers - people like Chris Abrahams, Rick Moody and Emily Botein- to create radio art.

I've been a solo performer using voice and tape manipulation, a composer and mainly an improviser. I formed the 1980’s Australian experimental band Mind Body Split with Jim Denley, Rik Rue and Jamie Fielding. I've
created sound design for Sydney Theatre Company productions directed by Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton, interviewed musicians for ABC TV, taught, given workshops and published on audio art and documentary. I collaborated with architect Tim Williams to make six sound installations around Sydney harbour for the 2000 Olympics. I've worked with national broadcasters, public radio foundations and artist-run internet stations worldwide, and this has given me a great network of friends and collaborators. I'm looking forward to extending those links through Pool.

Currently working on…

developing my skills as a meditator, mindfulness in daily life

Interested in joining others to work on…

building social media projects

Personal website

[ http://2mysteries.net/flash/index.html ]


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