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I'm Tim Ritchie and for the past 14 years I've been hunting and gathering music for the aural vehicle known as ABC Radio National's Sound Quality. The program features bent forms of folk, ambient, electro, skip hop, nu jazz, electronica, glitch, bleep hop and various other mutating crossover styles.

If, like me, you're interested in music that doesn't need to fit neatly into a genre to be understood or require the support of 'peers' to sound good - then tune into the Sound Quality broadcast/webcast, join the Sound Quality group and check this profile space for blog updates on both...

For musicians and composers - if you would like me to audition your work for broadcast, then follow the guidelines HERE

Further Info.

  • Join the Sound Quality Group: for sharing, airing, and discussing new music.
  • Read the Sound Quality Project outline or 'call for submissions'.
  • Check out the Sound Quality Tag for early Pool contributions not captured by our group.
  • Go to the ABC Radio National Sound Quality Homepage to listen to the show, get an RSS feed and more.
  • Follow me, Tim Ritchie on Twitter for mobile updates about the show.
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