57, teacher

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Skills and Interests

Film & Video, Writing, Visual Arts & Photography,


Melbourne, Victoria



A bit about me…

I spent 2004 and 2005 teaching English at the British Council in Damascus, and felt very much at home there. I had an opportunity to make meaningful friendships with local people and I never tired of wandering the streets of Damascus. I would like to present images of the city streets and lanes there, of the people, particularly the women, to an Australian audience. With my husband, I recently led a group of Australian university students on a tour of Syria and am keen to introduce more groups to the country - eg students of drama, archeology, women studies and history. There is so much to discover about our common history and the contemporary world there.

Currently working on…

an exhibition of photographs I "snapped" in Damascus

Interested in joining others to work on…

the exhibition and other ideas to present pictures and video of people and places in Damascus