Video: maybe jesus was born at the first noel

maybe jesus was born at the first noel
after two thousand years, it's hard to tell
if mary heard from gabriel
or joseph felt the kick beneath the swell
and the child would grow, and go through hell
the baby boy, emmanuel

hard to know what might have been
if not for the change in constantine
on the battlefield as he left the scene
awoken from a mystic dream
by the emperor's side, the will supreme
at least that's what caesar deemed

the lonely light when the age was dark
the ember that would re-ignite the spark
that sent across a blazing arc
of architecture and of art
from giotto to the spires of chartres
benedict, he played his part

schisms came and schisms went
until the holy roman church was rent
when luther nailed his document
about indulgences and testament
bore the brunt, would not relent
and catholic begat protestant

having counted angels on a pin
the bishops brought galileo in
tried to put the screws on him
asked him if the earth did spin
acquiesced, for their pyrrhic win
but still it moves on the celestial rim

unbelievers put to the sword
for the greater glory of the Lord
in a long procession of unholy wars
from the crusades to modern conquistadors
even on australia's shores
even on the fatal shore

christ has given his final speech
now all his words are beyond his reach
at the mercy of those who do and teach
the opposite of what he preached
exhortations observed in the breach
as ollie said, I beseech

the population is burgeoning
it's just the nature of the urge within
not allowed to use a rubber skin
have to pull out before the end begins
contraception is a sin
the pope declared, kiss my ring

beggars and lepers of calcutta
the cast-off cared for by the blessed mother
the brides of christ wed to their spritual lover
lay down their lives for those who suffer
the golden rule, do unto others
as you'd have them do, sister and brother

theosophists and catechists
philosophers and scientists
must realize that it comes to this
the acknowledged and ironic twist
that no-one knows if there's a script
no-one knows why we exist



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