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Lizards of Oz (silent), Salt Lizard 2 - ABC archives

Video: Lizards of Oz (silent), Salt Lizard 2 - ABC archives

In an exciting ABC first, Pool is releasing some ABC audio and video archives back to the public for use and re-use under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence. If you use or reuse this clip, please attribute as Lizards of Oz, ABC.

In this clip lizards look and dig around for food. There's a shot of crawling ants and later, one lizard goes looking around an ant mound.

This footage is from the show Lizards of Oz:
"There are more lizards in Australia than any other continent on Earth, and most of these are found in Australia's lizard capital - the spinifex sandplains of the arid Centre. Lizards of Oz explores these desert areas and examines why so many different species live here and how they manage to live together.."

Due to copyright restrictions, we're not able to release the music and narration with this clip.

More info on Lizards of Oz here.


Derived from

Lizards of Oz
Producer: Klaus Toft
Editor: Rosie Jones
Camera: Mark Lamble

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