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Sperm Wars (silent), Fairy Wren - ABC archives

Video: Sperm Wars (silent), Fairy Wren - ABC archives

In an exciting ABC first, Pool is releasing some ABC audio and video archives back to the public for use and re-use under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence. If you use or reuse this clip, please attribute as Sperm Wars, ABC.

In this clip we'll see two birds perching in a tree and then we'll follow a bird watcher walk over to a nest in a clump of shrubs. This is followed by a shot of hungry mouths open for food and later there's a shot of a bird extracting a worm from the grass.

This footage is from the show Sperm Wars:
"In most species, long-held notions of motherhood, fatherhood and monogamy are being questioned, with evidence showing that even females presumed to be monogamous mate with more than one male during their reproductive cycle. Only recently have scientists observed the intriguing tactics used in the battle to ensure that a male's sperm reaches the female egg and not a competing male's sperm."

Due to copyright restrictions, we're not able to release the music and narration with this clip.

More info on Sperm Wars here.


Derived from

Sperm Wars
Producer: Mary Colwell
Camera: Rod Coats

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