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We all know it - we all know that t-shirts are no longer a simple fashion staple we put on when nothing else will do - the shirt actually puts us on! We buy them for the statement they make, and when the right one can't be found, we draw up our own designs as a reflection of self. The concept of the T-shirt as an apparatus of expression is likely the most critical
development in the evolution of the item. This is where we come in. Haveyouseenourtshirt involved sending a plain white shirt to willing participants with very simple instructions - use it, abuse it, document it. Show the shirt a good time, document what you did with/to it, and pass it on to the next lucky individual. Anything we get from the participants goes onto an online environment - the blog - for others (and all) to see the way the shirt evolved and became a statement piece for everyone involved.
The t-shirt is a blank canvas, so its hardly surprising that we've seized upon an outlet of expression that will always be ours. And since the ubiquity of the t-shirt as a commodity of modern fashion has naturally given rise to a relentless competition for top style honours, the different ways people used it are an incredible sight to see!

Created by:
Alice Johnson
Dunja Spasic
Liam Gilmour
Damien Collins

Special thanks to:
Kyla Brettle
Reb Mery
Hannah J. Valmadre
Michael Mouritz
Elise Anderson
Kieran Tracey
Miles Mubble


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