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Like a thief in the night advertising has crept in to all forms of media discreetly. We can no longer watch anything, hear anything or be anywhere without being subjected to it. Advertising has evolved over time and has been forced to adapt to differing social and technological climates in order to survive. Advertising is changing rapidly, with the current decentralisation and convergence of the media, making online media a new and effective tool for advertisers to explore fresh approaches to marketing. Over the years advertisers have learnt to HUSH to the point where they can longer be seen consciously. Henry Jenkins speaks of a ‘Convergence culture,’ a new media where product placement pervades. Our piece comments on the convergence of media by integrating media and advertising seamlessly. The clip poses itself as a short film entitled ‘HUSH’, leaving the viewer in the dark as to its true agenda. At the conclusion of the film the viewer then has the option to navigate through the space through a number of web links. As you’ll see, the line between media and advertising is now so blurred that it is hard to see at all…


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    25.05.09 — John Jacobs

    You might consider making

    You might consider making your text more directly addressed to your web audience. Tell us a little about what the link is, explain what we will get when we click on it. It's a flash web page with different sections you can navigate to see a bit more about the embedded products.
    Nice work, thanks for sharing it.
    Cheers John
    John Jacobs
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