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The most popular and well-known pool game is standard eight-ball. However, you and your guests may prefer a different game type, such as snooker or ten-ball, depending on your preferences. By changing fundamental rules, these game types can make the game more or less challenging to play.

How To Choose The Right Dentures For Your Needs In Perth

Dentures are essential if you have any problems with your teeth. You can choose from a variety of brands and locations in Perth. For more information visit www.dentistellenbrook.com.au/dentures-perth today! Here are five factors to consider when selecting dentures: Fit – make sure the dentures fit comfortably and securely. If they feel too tight, you may experience soreness or pain in your jaw or lips. Function – choose dentures that help you eat, speak, and breathe comfortably. Consider what appliances the dentures will need (such as plates, hooks, or braces) and whether those accessories are available in your area. Drilling Options – look for dentures with removable screws or hinges so that ...

Dental Implants Vs Crowns

Compare Dental Implants Costs and Benefits There are many prosthetic options available to replace missing teeth. We recommend My Implant Dentist in Perth, WA for any tooth replacement or dental implant procedure. For example, you may choose a removable denture, or an overdenture. However, the two options are similar in the way that they are used. A permanent crown is screwed or cemented onto the implant. Once you have the crown, you will be able to enjoy a smile that is as natural as possible. This procedure requires little to no maintenance. Other clinics that are known to be good include Aria Dental, Advanced Dental Artistry and Dr Kent Tan. The crowns are made from titanium. These are durable and long-lasting. These...

What do professionals use to clean grout?

You should hire a professional grout cleaning company to get the best results. However, you might be interested to learn that you can clean grout yourself with a bit of effort and a few everyday household items. Professionals use several specific chemicals and solutions. However, you can get the same results using only common household items. We’ll go over how professionals clean grout in detail in the sections below. Continue reading to learn more about how professionals clean grout. For more information, visit us today! How do professionals clean grout? Professional grout cleaning services typically employ specialized cleaning solutions. Many of these solutions have a pH balanc...

How Often Should Cafe Furniture Be Polished?

How often should cafe furniture be polished? Basic cleaning can be performed by dusting with a soft brush and applying a solution of baking soda and water. If the stains are not very deep, a more robust cleaning solution should be applied. After this, let the wood dry completely and wipe away the polish. Then apply a moisturizing polish. You can also make your own furniture polish by mixing baking soda with water. Before you begin cleaning the cafe furniture Melbourne, you should know the kind of wood finish. For example, if the furniture is made of wood, use wax to polish it. If it’s made of oil, use oil. For most wooden furniture, soap and water cleaning is sufficient. Always test on a small piece of...

Pool Featured Contributor: Sean McKenna 11.03.10

Pool team’s picture
Sean McKenna is perhaps better known on Pool as Kinchdedalus. Sean has shared some fantastic images and videos over the last year or so. In fact he’s been such an active member of the Pool community that we thought we just had to find out a bit more about him!

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Open wide, come inside, it’s the ABC on Twitter! 08.03.10
If you’re not on Twitter, then you should be. Forget arguments that it is overrated, self indulgent and destroying the English language. If txt msges hvnt destroyed English grammar by now, then Twitter has no chance. It is merely a really simple conversation tool.

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Featured Contributor Deidre Tronson 11.03.10
Deidre Tronson – or d. as she’s also known – is one of the most loyal members of the Pool community! Over the last few years d. has regularly been sharing her written stories and poems with us Poolies.

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As part of our ongoing social media experiment we’re developing a new hybrid role of editor, curator and moderator as an extension of the usual contributor role. This is the “Mod Bod” as we have affectionately titled it.

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Visitors’ voices 23.02.10
Pool visitors can now add comments without logging in. We hope this small but significant change will make it easier to grow Pool conversations.

There are a couple of thousand registered Pool community members but we get many hundreds of anonymous visitors every day stopping by to have a look. It seemed a bit restrictive not to allow them to comment.
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Delight not fright for 2010 17.02.10
Millie Rooney was one of the contributors chosen to speak at the Hope 2010 event and she enthused the crowd with her aim for 2010 to be a year of “delight, not fright”, a topic she is exploring in her PhD. We asked her to share her experience of the event.

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ABC Open to YOU 12.02.10
ABC launches a new regional online social media project and is offering jobs as well as social media access, ABC Open

For more than 75 years the ABC has been connecting local communities through regional radio. Now we’re embarking on an ambitious initiative to interact with and engage our audience online.
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GhosTrain pulls in 11.02.10
GhosTrain will finally pull into CarriageWorks in February after its long journey with Pool throughout 2009.

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Featured Contributor: Gabrielle Bryden 08.02.10
Gabrielle Bryden – or GB as we poolies know her – is one of the more prolific members of our Pool community. Gabrielle has contributed some great images and stories of Australian wildlife over the last year or so.

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Sharing hope 28.01.10
Sheila Pham was one of the contributors chosen to speak at the Sydney Festival Hope 2010 event in the City Recital Hall and on ABC Radio National.

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You’ll need to find an even number of players — between 8 and 16 — before you start your pool tournament. Consider how many players you’ll invite to the game; the more people you ask, the longer the tournament will last. By using multiple tables and allowing matches to take place simultaneously, you can cut the total tournament time in half. Simultaneous play, on the other hand, will be limited by the number of pool tables available. Consider splitting the group into two teams if you have a larger group, younger players, or unequal skill levels. Playing doubles can help you cut down on your overall tournament time and even out any unfair age or skill level disparities.



Set up your brackets by gradually pairing opponents against one another. Winners advance to the next stand in a knockout or elimination billiards tournament, while losers are eliminated. This system will eventually reduce your player pool to just two who will compete for the winning title.

Consider a double-elimination tournament if you want to make your pool tournaments more forgiving or if you have younger players. Instead of being eliminated from the game, each competitor is allowed a single loss in this tournament format. Losers compete in a loser’s bracket, the winner of which will face the winner of the mainframe.

Please print out your arrangement or draw it on a large surface, such as a whiteboard, once you’ve decided on a suitable bracket style. This way, you and your guests can keep track of and visualize the progress of your tournament.


Pocket billiards is a generic term that is sometimes used and preferred by some pool-industry bodies, but it is a broader classification that includes games like snooker, Russian pyramid, and kaisa, which are not considered pool games. It is commonly referred to as “billiards” in most parts of the world, similar to how “bowling” is commonly used to refer to the game of ten-pin bowling.